Nicole Breedon / Waratah Lahy / John von Sturmer / Tim Ungaro / Simon Yates – Big Numbers

Big Numbers is an exhibition of artists whose work shares a common theme of charting space and time, often incorporating some mathematical or numerical component. These works explore potential approaches to examining information about the world, finding patterns that might otherwise not be immediately apparent, or creating maps and signposts to territories that might otherwise be lost or go unnoticed.

In 2016 Waratah Lahy created an image a day, to record each day over the course of the year. The series of 366 images are here reconfigured to move beyond chronology, forming subjective associations. John von Sturmer’s work collects found objects and images to build an evolving narrative. Nicole Breedon’s star field of connect-the-dot numbers invites us to decode its meaning. Tim Ungaro constructs hypothetical journeys and histories through found objects and archival technologies. Simon Yates presents research into the history of an infamously unfinished graphic novel from the 1980s called ‘Big Numbers’, on the subject of shopping malls and Chaos Theory.

Nicole Breedon / Waratah Lahy / John von Sturmer / Tim Ungaro / Simon Yates

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.
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