Calling Nina – presented by Half High

Half High is the duo of Sydney based artists Lucy Phelan and Matthew P. Hopkins, who work with live AV performances, recorded sound compositions, and gallery based installations. Half High create a slightly damaged form of ambience, mapping an audio-visual terrain that is in parts alien and industrial, and in certain locations, tranquil and mesmerising.

For their new work ‘Calling Nina’ Half High will present a one night only, 2 hour long live sound performance amongst a temporal installation incorporating lights, manually handled objects, and video projections. This performance aims to connect with the site specificity of 55 Sydenham Rd in relation to the paranormal, spectral history of the building that houses the gallery space (see: for details). Using this history as a starting point, Half High do not necessarily require contact with past spectral inhabitants to be made, the duo simply aim to set the conditions for contact. In doing this a certain ambience will be formulated in which the audience will hopefully connect with something they perceive to be beyond, something else, somewhere out there.


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