Helen Johnson / Adelle Mills – At once

Proof that the window
Is just like a compliment
To the modern building
A streamline figuring
In “the boulder of meanings”
You wanted to hear again
How it was they saw you
Congealed until windexing

The swing in the dynamic makes it an archival document, to be brought out later when
its truth is ready to be seen

some force
and it lingers, fostered
in the bottoms of all
the emptied vessels
that have sat between us

As I settle in by signaling I let myself in.

Going on and off the internet
Feeling connected via noting
It is nothing

Did you know that ‘Qualtagh’ is a term for the first person you see when you leave the

Camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, Japanese maples, silver birch. I suppose I have
allocated these plants to a time because it is the time of my childhood, growing up in a
particular band of the outer-east.

In commentary someone speaks to the scenery or setting. The rock pools circumscribe a
circular centre aware of its framing. A voice with multiple tones, a respiratory system
pulling in and out.

As I survey the space I shift myself about.
I am shifting to survey that which is around.
I shift toward the centre whilst turning back out.
I am at the centre shifting out.
As I draw into a shift I shift toward the out.
I am at the centre shifting myself about.
I shift to draw patterns of myself turning around.
As I make a pattern I am shifting out.

Stepping out I take the space before, keeping a step between.
I step in with my feet, making distance to breathe.
In the space that I follow I also leave.
I step into the space before myself.
I step in whilst leaving room between.
My feet follow forward leaving steps to breathe.

I sway myself over to the side of my self.
I swap straight for bent and I lean out.
As I swap I straighten back out.
As I straighten I bend the even out.
I sway myself over and sway back out.
I swap my side, bending myself out.

Reading with my body, standing aloud.
Lifting up my body, I lift up and come back down.
As I am moving some of me is lifting.
With my body lifting I can go back down.
As I start to lift I come back down.
Now I have lifted I start to stretch up.
As I lift I go up.

I see that I am walking in and often walking out.
I continue tracing my old movements by renewing these aloud.
I walk within a certain line by tracing myself out.
I walk toward a centre point whilst letting the tracing fall out.

I lean into the air that is already around.
I lean into the air with my back.
I lean in with the air that is around me.
I lean into the air with my standing self.
The air I lean into holds my back.

Points of convergence

Nuanced gesture and intuitive processes

A group of videos

Dialogue, subtitles and silence; people, landscape and fragmented narrative

Sequenced so that different relationships form constantly between them

Swapping walls

‘Placeholder footage’

A sense of the videos adjusting to each other and to this space

Sharing loose instruction toward movement and dialogue

The critical possibilities of ambiguity and stopping short of rational meaning

Asking one another a series of questions, in a visual sense; initiating a conversation with a foundation in the fact that there is a shared, innate comprehension that can be interrogated

The display surface for the hardware will be put together using quasi-institutional furniture, creating a space almost like a waiting room, at once casual and not quite comfortable, impermanent

Helen Johnson & Adelle Mills

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