Jesse Hogan / Nick Briggs – UHU: Double Bind

We are not a cult, NAI, we are a hive mind the direct result of a generation that has been pharmaceutically induced into a state that causes us to see our perceived notions of society as confusing. In a period where the use of mind altering substances would allow one to explore the depths of the mind we choose (EFIL) to cover such caverns with blankets. We live in our minds and through the shared space seen between 0’s & 1’s. We are the children of the visually cultured and conceptually flawed.

But in order for us to understand the now we must take time to look at the then, it is at this point that we shall be our most confused and it is through this confusion that we shall find clarity and truly convey concepts that are relevant to the now. We do not seek yet rather we look to stumble. Us the artists, nay, the creative, NAI, the victims are bound with this task and we have no right to dispute it. It keeps us up at night and it is far from the tender touch of a lover……we must beat it down and share for if we do not it shall never be seen.

I look out over a sun burnt country and my eyes hurt, not because of the glare. I am used to that I have grown up with that become accustomed if you will. But because of another that I was raised to believe and was swiftly spanked for as I adorned the beauty. I live amongst the ruins of an Australian dream……a dream turned nightmare as a result of a society that has seen to many binges in the haves and not the have not’s. I feel sorry for past noblemen such as Arkley what have we supported but the murky cry wank interpretations of his now misconstrued depictions of a suburban wonderland. We now replace it with the fibrous temporary structures we call homes. We must take what we know as material (paint, oils, graphite) and look beyond it. Not as a means o stating that it’s outdated, god knows it’s not as do we, but at an attempt to capture and preserve what soon shall be left in the rubble of one mans bob cat.

It is here in this double bind, this form of communicated knowledge that has for our lives directly parodied itself that we awake in the mind set of ‘UHU’. A group driven by the schizophrenic interpretations of our surroundings. Us who know can consume information at a rate that is only determined by a monthly bill. A contemporary society that sees itself as a psychologist with a PhD of the means of WWW. . The couch has become the unlikely institution in critical laziness of twice the length of its plasma.

UHU as antimatter, uhu as AntiMATTER.

Jesse Hogan / Nick Briggs
19/5 – 5/6/11

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