Keg De Souza – When You Hear This Sound

images coming soon

When You Hear This Sound is an exhibition of a limited edition silk screen hand bound artist’s book of the same name. This ‘Singing Book’, complete with a vinyl record soundtrack, was produced during a recent residency at Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York. When You Hear This Sound explores unique forms of personal storytelling of the artist’s Sydney neighborhood and it’s characters, through wordplay and quirky observations.

The 7” record soundtrack was developed using a Song Poem service. These ‘song sharks’, as they are sometimes known, are companies that have been operating since the 1950s and market themselves to aspiring songwriters wanting to break into the music industry– you send in your lyrics and for a fee you are sent back a fully produced track. Each story in When You Hear This Sound was sent to Magic Key Productions and has been transformed into it’s own unique song, in a variety of genres.

SEE the pictures. HEAR the record. READ the book.

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