Psychomagic: Dead Matters – presented by Clare Milledge

Psychomagic: Dead Matters is an experimental laboratory that began on September 20th 2014 and will culminate in an event on October 3rd. During gallery opening hours visitors will be able to view the installation in various stages of forming and deforming, artists may or may not be in attendance at these times.

The name of the event Psychomagic: Dead Matters refers to the book Psychomagic by the cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, in which he writes: “I realized that many people carry an act inside, which ordinary conditions do not let them materialize. When someone is offered the concrete possibility and favorable circumstances to publicly express the act asleep in side them, it is very rare that the person hesitates.” The aim of the project is to provide a fertile ground for acts to materialize with a focus on process and collaboration. The phrase Dead Matters refers partly to the abilities of the chosen artists to highlight the vitality of all matter through engagement with and transformation of non-living materials such as data, inanimate objects and metals into resonant energy. Artists have had the opportunity to source material (or not) from a shared folder containing research data on biodiversity in Northern NSW. Artists have also been invited to contribute to this shared resource and collaborate in any way they see fit. The outcomes of the project are largely unknown. The curator’s primary role has been to facilitate and support the requirements of the contributing artists.

Curated by Clare Milledge

Ryan Bell / Carla Dal Forno / Kel Henderson / David Haines & Joyce Hinterding / Hana Hoogedeure / Astrid Lorange / Tarquin Manek / Annette Mckinley / Clare Milledge / David Milledge / Shirley / Ogilvie / Sam Wickham / Tori Wrånes
19/9 – 5/10/14

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