Splash Back – Matthew P Hopkins / Wrong Solo / Adelle Mills & Lauren Burrow

images/video/audio coming soon
A performance program that will run over the course of three weeks in the main gallery space, in place of an exhibition typical. Rather than each event being presented and received as a singular gesture, the space will become a catchment that conceptually and physically reflects that which has come before it. Detritus, props, staging devices and objects remain in the space, building what is to be the exhibition in-between the scheduled performances. A cohesive current will run through and unite each performer, as each work in its execution is informed by the physical, conceptual and situational residue left behind.

presented by Anna John

Matthew P Hopkins: Saturday, March 19th from 7.30pm
Wrong Solo: Saturday, March 26th from 3pm
Adelle Mills & Lauren Burrow: Thursday, March 31st from 6pm


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