Z.O’ – Distressed Aquisitions

(This exhibition is made from waste, it is its sole qualification, and it will return to waste, and not without waste. Technology has advanced to the extent that all human labour is waste. There are more artists than ever before. Generations aspiring to movements defined by scarcity with virgin pre-fab materials creating indirect landfill. What is called Contemporary, being so, in this first time in human history where nothing has any value.)

Another future, an alternative to the inevitable, this was what consisted of human consciousness. Where waste is only to waste, fraught eternities of obsolescence, of procedural applications of feelings derived from each hackneyed and patriarchal trope suggested by increasingly lazy media sources, no source material, equidistant knowledges between empirical and that of the Empire, the fathomable and unfathomable, tested against the means of millennia… means as much as anything… the only meaning behind the means… knowledge never to know, but to somehow make possible, or even probable.

Distressed Aquisitions


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